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Orange Village Skeletons of Giant Stature

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While loading shells on the riverbank near Orange, Texas, recently, laborers exhumed twenty human skeletons. They had evidently been men of giant stature. Some of the bones of the forearm were almost the length of the entire arm of an ordinary man. Pieces of broken pottery were also unearthed.

This article is intriguing as it reports the discovery of twenty human skeletons of giant stature near Orange, Texas. The fact that some of the forearm bones were almost the length of an entire arm of an ordinary man is quite remarkable. It raises questions about the history of human physical development and whether people in the past were generally larger than they are today. The discovery of broken pottery alongside the skeletons also suggests that these giants were part of a long-lost civilization. It is amazing to think about what we can learn from these archaeological finds and how they can shape our understanding of the past.

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