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Old Burial Ground Yields Giants no less than 12 feet Tall in NM

Humans whom possessed a frame no less than 12 feet in length.

The excavators exclaimed that a human forearm found New Mexico was at least four feet long.

The chest or ribcage of an individual possessed a chest that was at least 7 feet in circumference.

The teeth in a giant skull was said to range in size from a hickory nut to walnut in size.

Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 10. -Owing to the discovery of the remains of a race of giants in Guadalupe, N. M., antiquarians and archaeologist are preparing an expedition further to explore that region. This determination is based on the excitement that exist among the people of a scope of country near Mesa Rico, about 200 miles southeast of Las Vegas, where an old burial ground has been discovered that has yielded skeletons of enormous size.

Luciana Quintana, on whose ranch the ancient burial plot is located, discovered two stones that bore curious inscriptions, and beneath these were found in shallow excavations the bones of a frame that could not
12 feet Tall in NM 12 feet Tall in NM

The Archaeologist in charge Quinantaq, who was the excavator at this location and the excavator of many other burial sites that there were thousands of such giants long extinct and waiting to be discovered.

12 feet Tall in NM 12 feet Tall in NM
Spanish traditions and Indian legends speaks of a race of giants in ancient New Mexico. 12 feet Tall in NM
~Chris L Lesley
Graveyard of Prehistoric Giant Human Skeletons Measuring 12 Feet Uncovered In New Mexico Where Bodies Were Unearthed
Archaeologist to Send Expedition to Explore Graveyards in New Mexico
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