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Ohio County – Thigh Bone 42″


Some gentlemen recently, while prospecting for minerals about a mile from Rockport, KY, came upon the complete skeleton of a human body, gigantic in size. It was found about six feet below the surface of the earth. The forearm bone, from elbow to wrist, measured 42 inches, and the thigh bone from the hip bone to the knee measured 42 inches. The lower jaw bone completely covered the whole lower portion of an ordinary sized human race.

The discovery of a gigantic human skeleton in Kentucky is truly a remarkable and intriguing finding. The eyewitnesses who discovered the skeleton should be commended for their thoroughness in taking measurements, which provide valuable data for further research into this phenomenon. It’s worth noting that the eyewitnesses may not have been professional researchers or archaeologists, but their first-hand accounts and measurements are invaluable.

The size of this skeleton is truly remarkable, and it’s important to compare the measurements to the average human skeleton. The forearm bone measuring 42 inches from elbow to wrist, and the thigh bone measuring 42 inches from the hip bone to the knee, are both significantly larger than the average human skeleton. The lower jaw bone, which completely covered the whole lower portion of an ordinary-sized human race, is also a remarkable feature.

The use of adjectives such as “huge” and “gigantic” to describe the size of the skeleton is appropriate, as the measurements are truly exceptional. It’s important to note that the frequency of above-average height individuals has been documented throughout history.

The discovery of this skeleton raises many questions about our understanding of human history. It’s important to conduct further research into this phenomenon and to explore possible explanations for the skeleton’s unusual size. This finding may have important implications for our understanding of the diversity of the human species and where this is all heading in the future.

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