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Ohio County – Over 10 feet high

Mystery still Surrounds Ohio County Bones

The Daily News, Middlesboro Kentucky, Monday May 12, 2003. page 9a
Sometimes i just have to take the time to comment: While modern skeptics dismiss actual eyewitness accounts. You have to ask who was there? and who wasn’t? Historically you have to go with first hand eyewitnesses, in courts this carries weight. Imagine defense attorney whose defense was, “No that is not what you saw, take my word for it”. …he would be laughed out of court.
Take the words of university professors with a grain of salt because they are likely to be more institutionalized than most, and as they got their degrees and couldnt find a job in the science field settled for a babysitting job. It is likely their last stop and can never get a job in their trained field. Those who can’t do, … teach”. The femur bone is said to be 42″ long.

I can tell you almost exactly how tall this skeleton was: 13.15125.
He was a little over 13 feet tall, not 10 feet.
Academia’s regression formulas are design to produce low results, when Robert Wadlow’s femur (28.5″) is measured by academia’s preferred regression formula it shows Robert Wadlow’s total height was only 7′ 10″.
We know better.

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