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Allegheny County – Man of Giant Stature

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 Skeletons of Giants Found

Petrified Bones of Man and Woman Discovered by Pennsylvania Quarryman.

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Two petrified skeletons, one of a man of giant stature and the other of a woman somewhat smaller, were found in a cavern blasted out of solid blue rock in a Hulon hillside by quarrymen. A crevice led into a cavern about six feet high and fifteen feet square. Ecologists say they evidently belong to a prehistoric age.

The recent discovery of two petrified skeletons in Pennsylvania has reignited the debate surrounding the existence of giants in ancient times. The skeletons, one male and one female, provide fascinating insights into the physical attributes of these ancient beings.

One of the most notable features of the skeletons is the sheer size of the male. According to reports, he was of giant stature, while the female was somewhat smaller. This suggests that giants may have indeed roamed the earth in prehistoric times, challenging the notion that such individuals were merely mythical creatures.

While some may argue that the discovery of giant skeletons is merely a coincidence, there is ample evidence to suggest that giants were a real part of ancient cultures. For example, the thickness of the skulls and the size of the teeth found in some archaeological sites support the possibility of their existence.

It’s also essential to note that such findings were often mishandled by the scientific community in the 1800s because they didn’t align with their preferred narrative. This cherry-picking of evidence limited our ability to understand the world around us and provided incomplete and inaccurate answers. As such, it’s crucial to consider all evidence when seeking answers, even if it challenges our existing beliefs.

In conclusion, the recent discovery of petrified skeletons in Pennsylvania adds weight to the argument that giants once roamed the earth. The physical attributes of the skeletons, along with supporting evidence from other archaeological sites, suggest that we need to broaden our understanding of ancient cultures and the beings that inhabited them.

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