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New York Giants, Branchport Giant Female Skeleton

Giant Indian Woman

. . . and surviving Indians of that day the mother of Red Jacket was a woman of gigantic frame, being between six and seven feet tall. On Monday last workmen employed in excavating for the foundation of a building the Lake Kouka Navigation Company is about to erect on the lake shore near Branchport on the spot where it is alleged that Red Jacket was born and where his mother died and was buried, unearthed a human skeleton of giant size and in a remarkably well-preserved state. Investigation revealed that the remains were those of an Indian and a female. The believers in the Lake Keuka theory of the Red Jacket birthplace and burial place of his mother are convinced that the skeleton of the giant Indian woman uncovered at Branchport is that of Red Jacket’s mother, and have arranged to reinter it in the locality and place a monument over it inscribed in accordance with that belief.a giant Indian woman’s skeleton in Branchport is a truly fascinating and significant find that challenges our assumptions about the past. The fact that this woman is believed to be the mother of the famous Native American chief Red Jacket, only adds to the intrigue of this discovery. Despite this, there seems to be a concerted effort to cover up and dismiss the evidence of giants in history. It is only through diligent research and investigation that we can hope to uncover the truth about our past and the existence of giants. The fact that the believers in the Lake Keuka theory are working to reinter the skeleton and place a monument over it is a step in the right direction, but there is still much work to be done in order to fully explore and understand the significance of this find. As a society, we must remain open-minded and willing to challenge our preconceptions in order to fully explore the fascinating and complex history of our world.

New York Giants.

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In this story there are two possibilities:

  1. That this is Red Jacket’s Mother in which case this is a confirmation of a Giant.
  2. This is not Red Jacket’s mother which is an account in addition to Red Jacket’s Mother of another female with a gigantic frame, making these two separate accounts of giants.