Greater Ancestors

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Neferneferure’s Elongated Skull






“I am Princess Nefernefrure, the fifth daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. It is interesting to note that my name –meaning something like ‘Beautiful Are the Beauties of Re’– is the first name given to a Royal Daughter of Akhenaten that does not include the Aten element. My elder sisters Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, and Nefernefruaten ta-sherit, were all named for the Sun-disk, while little Setepenre and I were named for the tradtional sun God, Re or Ra. Perhaps this tells of a change in the religious policy?


I am not present at the mourning scene at the death of Princess Meketaten, and many take this as evidence that I predeceased my elder sister. This may be the case, but then again, maybe not. Perhaps I was deemed too young to participate and was not included in the scene. Like the fates of so many of the Amarna women, mine can only be guessed at.

Nefernefrure’s only title was ‘King’s Daughter, of His body whom he loves.”