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Muskeegon County – A Gigantic Skeleton


While digging on the bank of White river, not far from Montague, a gigantic skeleton of an Indian and a dog with a canoe close to them. was unearthed The Indian’s remains were those of an old man, and from the appearance of the teeth he was an inveterate smoker. The skeleton of the dog was perfect, as well as the birch -bark canoe. The dog was undoubtedly killed and buried with his master and the canoe provided so that the old brave could have these helpful means of assistance on his journey to the happy hunting grounds.

The giant skeleton of the Indian and the dog, along with the birch-bark canoe, provide us with a glimpse into the ancient world and the rituals and customs of those who lived before us. It’s our responsibility to honor their legacy by sharing their stories and ensuring that they are not forgotten.

  1. Michigan, Muskegon county, Alma Record, 1895.

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