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Mora County – Giant Remains Found

Giant Remains Found.

LOS ANGELES, Cal., Feb. 11. Owing to the discovery of the remains of a race of giants in Guadalupe, N. M., antiquarians and archaeologists are preparing an expedition further to explore that region. This determination is based on the excitement that exists among the people of a scope of country near Mesa Rico, about 200 miles southeast of Las Vegas, where an old burial ground has been discovered that has yielded skeletons of enormous size.

The discovery of the remains of a race of giants in Guadalupe, N.M. is truly remarkable. The skeletons of enormous size that have been found in an old burial ground near Mesa Rico offer a rare glimpse into a bygone era of our world’s history. It is important that we preserve and research these findings, as they offer insights into the biology and cultural practices of a unique group of people that existed in the past.

It is tragic that many of these giant remains have been mishandled or lost over time. In many cases, they were destroyed or discarded due to ignorance or a lack of interest in their scientific value. We cannot let this happen again. We have a responsibility to ensure that these remains are treated with respect and preserved for future generations to learn from.

We urge archaeologists and antiquarians to approach this discovery with the utmost care and attention to detail. We must strive to extract as much information as possible from these skeletons, in order to gain a better understanding of the lives and societies of these giants. We must also work to ensure that these findings are properly documented and preserved, so that they can be studied and appreciated by future generations.

In conclusion, the discovery of these giant remains is an exciting development for the field of archaeology and for anyone interested in the history of our world. We must take the opportunity to learn as much as we can from these finds, and to ensure that they are properly preserved and studied for the benefit of future generations.

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