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Moody County’s Subterranean Giants

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A SUBTERRANEAN tomb, in which are the remains of a now extinct race of giants, has been discovered near Egan, S. D. The skeletons indicate that a time was, apparently, when the South Dakotans could get elevated without violating the law. GAWM

A RACE OF GIANTS. Tomb Containing the Skeletons of 22 Males Eight Feet High Unearthed. EAGAN, S. D., June 11.-Archaeologists will be interested in a discovery at this place. While digging into a mound the remains of a race of prehistoric giants were unearthed. A tomb was uncovered with cement. In the tomb’s compartments were twenty-two male skeletons averaging eight feet in height. A rude altar and many bronze utensils were exposed.

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