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Montgomery County – Gigantic Fossil Mummy

Jeffersonville, Kentucky, has disinterred another gigantic fossil mummy. The shin bone was three feet long; two grinders were each half an inch long, and the remains indicated a man twelve feet high.

The discovery of a giant fossil mummy in Jeffersonville, Kentucky in 1871 is an intriguing piece of history that raises many questions about the past. According to the newspaper report, the remains indicated a man who was twelve feet tall, which is significantly above average height for humans. Eyewitness accounts and measurements taken at the time of discovery provide valuable data for scientists and researchers to analyze and interpret.

The fact that this discovery was made over a century ago and the measurements taken were still able to confirm the incredible size of the fossil is a testament to the thoroughness of the professionals who were there as first-hand eyewitness accounts. It also indicates that the frequency of above-average height may have been more common in the past than we previously thought.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that further research is needed for newspaper report. It’s also important to remember that history is changing as new evidence is discovered and analyzed.

Overall, this discovery highlights the importance of preserving our past and continuing to explore the mysteries of the world around us. Who knows what other secrets the past may hold, and where our research and analysis of such finds may take us in the future.

Kentucky Jeffersonville Daily Kennebec journal. [microfilm reel], May 29, 1871, Image 2

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