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Monongalia, Gigantic Stature and Build

At least twelve feet high

A  party from Morganstown West Virginia, opened one of the series of mounds in the vicinity of Cheat Neck, West Virginia with interesting results. The mound was partly built of stones, rising in a conical shape and covered with moss and wildflowers. After considerable labor, an entrance was made in the center of the mound. Where two skeletons were found in a fair state of preservation both being of gigantic stature and build. When the men were in full life they must have been at least twelve feet high and possessed of enormous strength, as the size of the bones would indicate. With the exception of the enormous skulls, which were partly crumbled and decayed. the skeletons were in a perfect state of preservation.

The discovery of two skeletons of gigantic stature and build, at least twelve feet high, in West Virginia’s Cheat Neck region raises significant questions about our understanding of human history. The implications of such a find could be groundbreaking for our knowledge of ancient human civilizations, their physical characteristics, and their way of life. We must preserve and study these findings to shed light on this fascinating mystery and potentially rewrite the history books.

  1. Staunton Spectator (Staunton, Virginia) February 6, 1889

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