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Midland Michigan – nine feet long

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Two human skeletons, declared to be “nine feet long,” were found by ditch diggers in Mt. Haley Township. They were discovered in what was long considered an Indian Mound. The lower jaw of one skeleton, it is reported, measures four and five eighths inches in diameter. The other head has a set of almost perfect teeth. Mounds in the vicinity of the find will be explored.

The discovery of two nine-feet-long human skeletons in an Indian Mound in Mt. Haley Township is not an isolated event. Similar reports of giant skeletons have surfaced from various parts of the world for centuries, yet we remain puzzled by the implications of these findings. The lower jaw of one of the skeletons, measuring over four inches in diameter, is a testament to the immense size of the giants. The almost perfect teeth of the other head raise questions about the oral hygiene of the giants and their diet.

It’s encouraging to see professionals present at the excavation site, as their thorough measurements and first-hand accounts will provide valuable data for researchers. The fact that mounds in the vicinity of the find will be explored shows that the authorities are taking these discoveries seriously.

The frequency of above-average height in ancient societies is noteworthy, and it raises the question of whether this is a coincidence or if there was something that influenced these people to grow to such a size. Were they a different species altogether, or did they suffer from gigantism, a hormonal condition that causes excessive growth? It’s intriguing to think about the possibilities and speculate where this is all heading.

These findings challenge our understanding of the history of the human race, and it is essential to explore and investigate them further. The discovery of giants and their civilization can help us better understand our origins, our development, and the mysteries of our ancient past.

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