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Mercer County – Skeletons of Giants

Indian Giants of Great Size

This county was originally settled by Germans from Pennsylvania, who were a plain and industrious people and thrifty farmers. In the early years, they suffered many cruelties and hardships from the Indians and French. Colonel Peter Muhlenburg, afterwards a general in the Revolution, was a Lutheran minister, and distinguished himself by bravery and cool valor; he settled in this county from Pennsylvania when quite young. The bones and skeletons of Indian giants of great size have been dug up in this county, comparing with those mentioned in Captain Smith’s history.

The article from 1873, published in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, sheds light on the fascinating discovery of Indian giants in the area. While it is unclear what the article is specifically referring to as “Indian giants,” it is important to note that many accounts and findings of above-average height individuals have been documented throughout history.

What is striking about this particular article is the detail provided about the settlement of Germans in the area and the hardships they faced from the indigenous population. Furthermore, the article mentions the professional measurement of these skeletons, which shows the thoroughness of the investigation conducted by the eyewitnesses.

It is important to note that throughout history, people of above-average height have been revered and often regarded as superior or divine beings. While this may not necessarily be true, the frequency of these discoveries raises questions about the possibility of a genetic predisposition for height in certain populations.

As modern technology and advancements in genetic research continue to progress, we may be able to uncover more information about the origins and prevalence of tall individuals in various populations. The discovery of Indian giants in Mercer County serves as a reminder of the vast amount of history that still remains to be uncovered and studied.

  1. Pennsylvania, Mercer County, 1873

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