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“Archaeologists investigating the mound some years ago dug out a skeleton said to be that of a female because of the formation of the bones. The skeleton was seven feet four inches tall and the jawbone would easily fit over the face of a man weighing 160 pounds. Seventeen hundred ivory beads, 500 seashells of an involute species and five copper bracelets were found in the vault. The beads and shells were about the neck and breast of the skeleton while the bracelets were upon the arms. There was also taken from the mound the skeleton of a man eight feet tall. There were no ornaments beside it. The skeletons were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington,”

Have you ever considered the possibility that our history may be vastly different from what we’ve been led to believe? What if there were once civilizations of giants that roamed the earth, leaving behind artifacts and evidence that have been systematically covered up? This is precisely the question that arises upon examining the findings reported in the Charleston Daily Mail on October 22, 1922.

The article describes the discovery of two human skeletons in a mound, one of which belonged to a female measuring an astonishing seven feet four inches tall, and the other belonging to a man measuring a towering eight feet. What’s particularly intriguing about this discovery is the wealth of artifacts found alongside the female skeleton – 1700 ivory beads, 500 seashells, and five copper bracelets – all indicating a rich and advanced culture.

Despite the significance of this discovery, it has received remarkably little attention from mainstream archaeologists and historians. Both skeletons were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, and yet seem to have been largely ignored by the scientific community. This raises questions about a possible cover-up – why is there such reluctance to acknowledge the existence of giants in our past? Is it because it challenges long-held beliefs about the evolution and history of humankind?

As a dedicated researcher, I firmly believe that it is our duty to uncover the truth about our past, even if it challenges our preconceptions of what is possible. The abundance of historical accounts documenting the existence of giants demands further investigation and cannot be dismissed without proper examination. It’s time for us to start thinking outside the box and re-evaluating what we think we know about human history. Who knows what other mysteries we might uncover if we approach the past with an open mind?

Charleston Daily Mail, October 22, 1922

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