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Marshall County – 10’9″ Measured by Sheriff


A day or two ago, some workmen engaged in subsoiling the grounds of Sheriff Wickam, at his vineyard in East Wheeling, came across a human skeleton. Although much decayed, there was not much difficulty in identifying it by placing the bones, which could not have belonged to other than a human body, in their primitive position. The impression made by the skeleton in the earth, and the skeleton itself, were measured by the Sheriff and a brother in the craft locale, both of whom are prepared to swear that it was ten feet nine inches in length. Its jaws and teeth were almost as large as those of a horse. Wheeling (Va) Times. West Virginia, Marshall County, Wheeling Times, 1856.”

The discovery of a giant skeleton in East Wheeling, reported in the Wheeling Times in 1856, is yet another example of the many unexplained and suppressed findings of giant remains throughout history. According to the report, the skeleton measured a staggering ten feet and nine inches in length, making it one of the largest humanoid remains ever found. The size of the jaws and teeth, which were almost as large as those of a horse, also indicates that this was not an ordinary human being.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with such discoveries, there is little follow-up information available about this giant skeleton. It seems that this discovery was swept under the rug by those who did not want the truth to be known about the existence of giants in our past. Nonetheless, this find adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests that giants were once a real part of our world, and that their existence has been deliberately hidden from us. It’s time to demand more transparency and openness about these discoveries, and to continue the search for more evidence that can help us uncover the truth about our past.


  1. West Virginia, Marshall County, Wheeling Times, 1856.

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