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Marinette County – Skeleton of a Man 7 Feet Tall

  1. Game Warden Russell has added another specimen to his museum in the shape of a skull of an Indian Giant. Four men from Pembine, namely Joe Gravel, Wm. Boughtette, Geo. Mullin and Mike Tobin were fishing on the minominee river at the site of an old Indian cemetery, and each year the river is washing the bank away, so the skeletons exposed, they having found three skeletons this trip. The skull referred to is a skeleton of a man over seven feet tall, they dug a hole and buried all the bones except the skull which they brought to Pembine, where they presented it to Mr. Russell for his museum. Mr. Gravels says the cemetery was used  before the beginning of the cutting of the pine timber, which is over 50 years ago. It is located just below Pemmene Falls, and is T.35, N. R.22 E.1. Wisconsin, Marinette County, 1914

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