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Marin County – Over 7 Feet

Skeletons with Big Skulls are Unearthed at  Old Burial Ground

Petaluma, January 4. – Several weeks ago the work of removing the burying grounds of the old Digger Indian rancheria on the H. B. McNear ranch near McNear’s Point, in Marin County, was commenced and already 20 skeletons have been plowed up. The skulls of these skeletons are of immense proportions, and a number of them have full sets of white ivory teeth intact. One skeleton found in the middle of the mound measured over seven feet. This particular grave was covered with a number of crude implements and was perhaps the resting place of some celebrated chief. The mound consisted of nothing but shells, and must have been the accumulation of hundreds of years.
To qualify for a giant it requires to be the tallest 1 out of 100, which is 6’4″ by modern male standards. 
Someone at 7 foot  is 1 out of 2.3 million. Now when an article says “over seven feet” the exact measurements make a big difference. There are are far few people in the NBA that is 7’3″ than there is 7 foot. 
So lets say this skeleton is 7’3″, there has only ever been 11 players who are 7’3″, and 14 players that were taller. But wait, skeletons can lose up to 3 inches so if the skeleton is 7’3 in life they were 7’6″. At 7’6″ there has only been 4 NBA players at that height, and only two taller Gheorghe Mureșan and
Manute Bol. The mathematical improbabilities shoot up fast to the rarity of such a tall person living in modern times. 

The San Francisco Chronicle, January 5th, 1907

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