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California Is Said to Be a Part of the Ancient Continent of Lemuria, and the Center of a Civilization That Antedates the Fabled Continent of Atlantis by Thousands of Years.

San Francisco Call, Volume 80, Number 105, 13 September 1896

The San Francisco Call published an interesting article on September 13, 1896, suggesting that California might have been part of the ancient continent of Lemuria, which is believed to have existed thousands of years before the fabled continent of Atlantis. The article further claims that California was the center of a civilization that predated even Atlantis.

This article piques the interest of those who believe in the theory of a lost civilization that predates the Native Americans, the Mound Builders, who were said to have been tall, giant humans ranging from 6’4″ to 8-footers. The Mound Builders constructed large mounds and walls, some of which still exist today, across North America, including California.

Could the Mound Builders be the descendants of the Lemurian civilization mentioned in the article? Some enthusiasts think so. They point to the similarities in building techniques between the Mound Builders and the ancient civilizations that existed on the lost continent of Lemuria. The Mound Builders constructed walls and mounds with precise precision and intricate designs, indicating that they possessed advanced knowledge and skills.

The article suggests that California could be a treasure trove of ancient artifacts and relics from the Lemurian civilization. The Mound Builders could be a part of this civilization, and their advanced building techniques could be attributed to the ancient knowledge passed down from their ancestors.

However, this theory remains provocative. The scientific community has yet to find conclusive evidence to support the existence of the lost continent of Lemuria, let alone its connection to the Mound Builders. But the fascination with ancient civilizations and lost knowledge continues to capture the imagination of many, and the possibility of a connection between the Mound Builders and the peoples of the Pacific Islands is an intriguing possibility.

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