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Man & Woman of 7′ Stature Mifflin County Illinois

A skeleton of a man , the skeleton of a woman and a child were found on the banks of Peoria Lake outside the city limits of Peoria, Illinois.
The man and the woman both were about seven feet tall in stature their huge skulls were larger and well proportioned to their frame, these skulls had a large frontal brain capacity which testifies to their great reasoning capacity.
The man the woman and the child were found in a lying position beside one another the boy seem to be lying on the woman’s arm. Most likely the people that buried them either shown respect, or pity for the individuals that died, or they were buried where they lay.
The scientific Association of Peoria dug up the mound and confiscated the skeletons which have been swept under the rug, are not available for viewing, or do you have the possibility for asking without being met with sarcasm.

The discovery of giant skeletons has been a topic of great interest for many years, and the article detailing the finding of a man, a woman, and a child in Peoria, Illinois adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that giants once roamed the earth. What’s remarkable about this find is not only the stature of the individuals, but also the large frontal brain capacity of their skulls, which suggests a great reasoning capacity.

It’s important to note that the excavation of the mound was conducted by professionals, in this case, the Scientific Association of Peoria, and that the eyewitness accounts of the excavators provide valuable first-hand information about the discovery. Additionally, the article notes that the individuals were buried in a lying position beside one another, suggesting either respect or pity for the deceased.

However, the fact that the skeletons have been confiscated and are not available for viewing is troubling. It is unfortunate that the Smithsonian and other institutions have been covering up the existence of giants and their artifacts, which suggests that there is some sort of adversarial relationship from the scientific community towards giant research.

It is important to continue exploring these discoveries with scientific rigor and precision. As more and more evidence emerges, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny the existence of giants in our ancient past. It is my hope that we can shed light on these fascinating discoveries and uncover more about our world’s mysterious past.

   ~Chris L Lesley
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