Greater Ancestors

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Sketch of the Mant Mummy (male) and figures on mummy case. Mummy was 8 feet tall, Note figures of dinosaur head (From Hidden Treasures of Ancient American Cultures) MAN OF MANTI

Dr. Heinerman followed Brewer into a tunnel that had been dug on a downward track, barely
squeezing and squirming like a worrn through the narrow passageway. After a short distance he
carne to an opening, and reaching down felt the edge of a set of stairs that led into a chamber. The chamber was about twenty feet long and fourteen feet wide. The air was stifling and breathing was very labored. Several inches of fine dust covered everything, and puffed up with each step
that they took. About twenty-five stone boxes were stacked against one wall and another twenty against the other wall. Most were wrapped with a cover of juniper bark with pine pitch smeared all over them to make them waterproof. In a smaller chamber were two mummies of large stature. Dr. Heinerman describes the mummies: “The texture of their skin was soft, almost moist, like tanned leather. In the cave I saw an abundance of weapons, swords, tools, copper and metal plates of various sizes, all of which were very curious. Some of the copper, plates were of a strange composition, shattering like glass into fibrous pieces, not unlike the windshield of a car, if dropped. I believe that this chamber houses at
least two different ages of antiquities.”

From book Treasures of the Ancients by Stephen B. Shaffer p. 31-32, Cedar Fort inc. 1996