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Luna County – Eight Feet in height

Party Discover Over Hundred Graves with Skeletons of Human Beings in Them

Special Correspondence to the Morning Journal

Deming, N.M., May 25. – Party Uncovers Over Hundred Graves with Skeletons Of Human Beings in Them

Surveyor M. and his team were surveying the north side of town when, a few days ago, they found an old cemetery. The team found a group of more than one hundred graves, and upon digging into one of them, they found the skeleton of a human.

The grave that they opened was round, and at the bottom of the grave, a vase was found. About three feet from the surface of the vase, there were the remains of a human that the team believed must have been about the same height as a mature adult. They were in a very advanced state of decomposition and decay, with the bones having turned to dust shortly after being exposed to the air. The skulls in the graves were larger than average, and the teeth were nearly as large as the teeth of a horse. In some graves, many small objects, such as beads, were found.

The party returned on Saturday with specimens of the bones and other findings.

Indian Burial Ground Unearthed——

County Surveyor Edward M. Carter has unearthed another Indian burial ground on the .Mimbres river forty miles north of Deming. The graves wore lined with large cobblestones and contained skeletons in a sitting posture with a fire clay bowl over the head. One of the skeletons was that of a than eight feet tall.

  1. Special Correspondence to the Morning Journal
  2. New Mexico, Luna County, 1912.​

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