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Lovelock – 7 1/2 Foot Indian


Lost Race of Red Haired Giants Lived in Nevada Scientist Says After Discovering Huge Skeleton

Declares He Has las Proof That Mayans Once Lived in inThis inThis This Region

LOVELOCK Ne Nov April 24 UP UP- UP John T. T Reid local archeologist announced announced announced an an- today tue discovery of or the skeleton of a seven and a half hall foot Indian which he said offered evidences evidene evi evi- dene dences s that a race of oC giants once in inhabited inhabited In- In habited the region surrounding Love Lore lock At the same time Reid said he had other evidence which he refused to divulge which ma may establish that th the ancient Mayans of ot Central America also once onoe Inhabited this portion o ot of Nevada A number of inscriptions found by Reid arc being deciphered by him in the he hope they will ill link the Mayans Mayan with the early history of oC Nevada Reid said STUDIES DISCOVERIES The giant glan skeleton was identified by y Reid as one of the race of or u SId Calis red haired Indians of grea great stature who he said were descrIbed In n native lore as having lived lied h here re Reid would not elaborate on the ex extent ex- ex I tent of oC his discoveries until he lie has ha studied them further Tho giant skeleton was found b by Lloyd De Dc La a coworker of oC Reid a few miles south of th the Rogers reservation reser ranch here I Iwas It was In a perfect state of ire seria lion tion with parts of oC red hair hah still clinging to the skull Tho The two students students students stu stu- dents have not removed it from its resting place in the sand or a dr dry lake bed As a bo boy Reid rode ode the desert deser wastelands on horseback k with ol old Captain Capt-aln Natches chief of all aU Piute Pint Indians Tho The chief first interested Reid in an old race of strange people peo pee pie who he said came from somewhere somewhere somewhere some some- where south fouth and settled in this re re- re glon gion lon They were a warlike warlike war war- like cannibal race of red-headed red In Indians Indians In- In gigantic in iti stature st vitriolic vitriol and fearless in combat who waged a savage warfare against the peaceful Flutes FEUD RELATED The feud continued for genera Hons the chief recounted but finally despite their prowess in battle th the red headed u were wore exter- exter This occurred about fU five f or six centuries ago Only six women were left in the final massacre anc and they settled in what is now the Lovelock Lovelock Lovelock Love Love- lock and Fallen Fallon r regions gions of or Nevada Traces of ot their blood still can b be found In a few Indians now living here Reid said Reid a mining engineer by profession profession sion slon has an office here containing thousands of oC volumes on prehistoric races Scores of oC skulls sk skeletons skeleton and strange relics cover the wal waland walls and dangle from the ceiling cellins He ha has int interested rested the entire town In his wor work and people frequently bring in hi tens they have hare found to ask him about their historic value

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New, April 22. iWV.i John T. Keid, local archaeologist, announced today the discovery of the skeleton ot a seven and a half foot Indian which he said offered, evidence:, that a i aec of giants once inhabited the region surrounding sur-rounding Lovelock.

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