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Lovelock: 15 inch sandals, 200 lb bowls

Yes, folks, EVERYTHING I told you about in “RED-HEADED STRANGERS” is TRUE…

There is AMPLE evidence. If you need to see everything up close and personal, just visit the Nevada STATE Museum, 700 Twin Lakes Drive, Reno, Nevada 89107.

Just call and speak to Dr. Gene Hattori, (702) 486-5205. He’d be more than happy to show you around and absolutely PROVE to you that the Si-Te-Cah were indeed GIANTS, that used giant implements, wore giant sandals, carried giant bags and ranged in size from 6.5 to 9.0 feet in height…

A normal man could not even lift one of their BOWLS! A typical Si-Te-Cah bowl weighs 200 pounds!

They carried leather and rabbit skin bags that could EASILY carry the body of a human!

Funny thing about them, is, that they were pretty good artisans, and shaped their instruments in the forms of animals and creatures that can not be identified!

Dr. Hattori will tell you that a NINE foot tall MUMMIFIED body was STOLEN in the twenties by college students who boiled all the flesh off the bones just to get to the skeleton, which they had standing in their Frat House for many years….

Another nine foot giant was lent to the Chicago State Fair….

Where it promptly disappeared….

Somehow, these massive BONES are always stolen in the night, to disappear from the sight of man FOREVER…

But, at the Nevada State Museum, there are over 10,000 artifacts, enough proof for anyone willing to make the trip.

Depicted above, at the bottom right, you will see the remains of the FIRE that killed the last of the Si-Te-Cah, as they were TRAPPED in the Lovelock Caves…

That, on the LEFT is a HUNDRED POUND Pestle, used for grinding Grain…

The WOMEN used it!


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