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Lincoln County – 2x as Large Ancient Flintloch Rifle. 


A find at Boise, Idaho, seems to indicate a race of giants

“Lost Race” of Giants Discovered in Idaho Cave

In a remote area of Idaho, a group of hunters stumbled upon what appears to be the remains of a giant race of humans who inhabited the region long before modern humans. The well-preserved skeleton, estimated to be over ten feet tall, was discovered in a deep cave in Lincoln County, about 25 miles from Shoshone.

The skull of the giant is said to be twice the size of an average human skull, indicating that this individual was of exceptional size and strength. Also found near the skeleton was a rusty rifle barrel, which has been identified as being of a make unknown to modern gun experts. This discovery has left many questions about how and why this ancient race of giants came to inhabit this area.

Experts believe that the Western United States was once the site of a great volcanic disturbance that created many caves and natural basins. It is possible that this giant was caught in a flow of lava and sealed up in the cave where it was found. Older Native Americans have stories of mountains being on fire and continual underground rumbles. There are many fissures in the area that connect to large caves that were formed when the lava was cooling, and at times the suction is so strong that candles are extinguished at the mouth of the cave.

Although little is known about this ancient race of giants, the discovery has sparked much interest among scientists and researchers who hope to learn more about this lost civilization. This discovery may also help to shed light on the history of the Western United States and the many mysteries that surround its past.

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