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Lenawee County – Over Seven Feet Tall

Giant Skeleton Found

Hudson Mich., Nov. 13.-There was unearthed on a farm here a petrified skeleton of a human being. It was over seven feet tall and remarkably well preserved. Some people declare it must have belonged to some ancient race and must be many hundred years old. It will be sent to the state University at Lansing.

As a dedicated researcher of the topic, I find the eyewitness accounts of the giant skeleton found in Hudson, Michigan to be intriguing and worthy of further investigation. While some may be quick to dismiss such findings, an open-minded approach is crucial in advancing scientific knowledge. It is important to thoroughly examine and analyze the evidence before drawing any conclusions about the origins of this remarkable discovery. The decision to send the petrified skeleton to the state University at Lansing is a clue for further research and discovery.

  1. Michigan, Lenawee County, Silver Strand 1894.

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