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Kush Rocket Carved Relief

Kush Rocket

3,000 Year Old Kush Rocket, found in a  gold mine in Kush, Egypt (note the two people standing next to the rocket image) Date – 1,000BC

The carving was found on a temple wall in a gold mine in Kush, surrounded by Egyptian heiroglyphs and carvings. It was dated from approximately 3000 years ago. Interestingly enough, it is a rocket.

What is curious about this image is that the rocket is to size compared to the people beside it.

There is a boarding platform in the most likely location of the rocket where entry into the rocket is identical to modern rockets.

You can clearly see separations in demarcation between the capsule or nosecone.

You can see fins for stabilization, a characteristic of many modern rockets.

There is also what appears to be the necessary framework to steady the rocket during the first firing of the jets for take off.

~Chris L Lesley