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Knox County – The Largest Indian Peace Pipes


Hieroglyphic Writing Unearthed in a Kentucky Mound.

BARBOURVILLE, Ky., Jan. 6. – Two of the largest and finest Indian peace pipes which have ever been taken from Kentucky soil have just been unearthed from the gigantic Indian mounds which cap the long range of Cumberland mountains just east of this place, by Mr. George Owens of this town. Mr. Owens has for years been engaged in this work, and has as a result of his earnest efforts one of the largest and best private collections of Indian relics to be found anywhere.

All the mounds were partly opened last week, and the two peace pipes, a battleax and a vast number of stone and shell beads, together with numerous arrow flints, were taken from these repositories. The peace pipes bear hieroglyphics or picture-written inscriptions upon their bowls, in couplet form.

All the relics indicated the high civilization of their makers. The bowls of the peace pipes were about four inches high and about five inches in circumference, while the stem measures nine inches in length.

The discovery of hieroglyphic writing in a Kentucky mound, as reported in the Barbourville newspaper, is a fascinating archaeological find. It is especially noteworthy because the peace pipes unearthed were not only well-preserved but also of considerable size, indicating that their makers were of above-average height and strength. Eyewitness accounts from Mr. George Owens, a local resident who has been involved in this work for years, and other professionals who opened the mounds, make this discovery particularly significant.

The couplet form of the inscriptions on the peace pipes suggests a sophisticated form of communication and storytelling among the indigenous people who inhabited the area. The vast number of other relics found, including a battleax and numerous arrow flints, indicate a high level of craftsmanship and artistry, further underscoring the advanced civilization of these ancient people.

This discovery raises questions about the pre-Columbian history of the Americas and the extent of the civilization that existed before European contact. It also highlights the importance of preserving and studying archaeological sites to learn more about our shared human past. As we continue to uncover new artifacts and evidence of past cultures, we can gain a better understanding of our collective heritage and where we are heading as a species.

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