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KITTITAS – 80 INCHES (6’6 repeating)


Bones Recently Found Show Gigantic Stature and a Low Order of Intelligence

Eleven skeletons of primitive men, with foreheads sloping directly back from the eyes, and with two rows of teeth in the front upper jaw, have been uncovered in Craigshill at Ellensburg, Wash. They were found about twenty feet below the surface, twenty feet back from the face of the slope, in a cement rock formation over which was a layer of shale. The rock was perfectly dry.

The jawbones, which easily break, are so large that they will go around the face of the man of today. The other bones are also much larger than those of the ordinary man. The femur is twenty inches long, indicating, scientists say, a man eighty inches tall.

J. P. Munson, professor of biology in the state normal school, who lectured before the International Biological college in Austria last summer, visited the spot and pronounced them the bones of a primitive man.

The teeth in front are worn almost down to the jawbones, due, Dr Munson says, to eating uncooked foods and crushing hard substances with the teeth. The sloping skull, he says, shows an extremely low order of intelligence, far earlier than that of the Indians known to the whites.

The recent discovery of eleven skeletons of primitive men in Craigshill at Ellensburg, Washington, is a groundbreaking find that sheds new light on the history of human history. The dimensions of the bones found suggest that the skeletons belonged to giants, with the femur bone alone measuring a staggering 20 inches long, indicating a height of approximately 80 inches, or six feet and eight inches. The sloping skull and two rows of teeth in the front upper jaw reveal an extremely low order of intelligence, far earlier than that of the Indians known to the whites.

This discovery poses a thought-provoking question: What if these skeletons had not been lost or hidden away in museum storage somewhere? If these remains had been properly studied and preserved, how would our understanding of human history be different today? These findings provide invaluable insights into the existence of giants and challenge our preconceived notions of what is possible.

It is concerning to think that there may be other important historical artifacts and discoveries that have been lost or hidden away due to neglect or a lack of interest. As a dedicated researcher, I implore society to pay attention to such finds and preserve them for future generations to learn from and appreciate. The discovery of these giants proves that there is still so much we do not know about the history of our species, and it is crucial that we continue to investigate and explore these mysteries.

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