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Kennewick Man. Marion County, Ohio

 Kennewick Man Kennewick  Man Kennewick Man

As we see, evidence for the occupation of this region before the appearance of the red man and the white race is to be found in almost every part of the country, as well as through the Northwest generally. In removing the gravel bluffs, which are numerous and deep, for the construction and repairs of roads, and in excavating cellars, hundreds of human skeletons, some of them giant form have been found. A citizen of Marion County estimates that there were about as many human skeletons in the knolls of Marion County as there are white inhabitants at present. Kennewick Man Kennewick Man

“Mastodonic remains are occasionally unearthed, and, from time to time, discoveries of the remains of Indian
settlements are indicated by the appearance of gigantic skeletons, with the high cheek bones, powerful jaws and
massive frames peculiar of the red man, who left these as the only record with which to form a clew to the history of past ages.”






A picture of a skull from 1996, taken by J.C. Chatters of Kennewick Man, Washington State is that of a giant. Giants were also found when removing the gravel bluffs for the construction and repairs of roads.

(This report includes the physical examination of the remains, radiocarbon dating, and initial attempts to extract DNA from the remains, which failed.)

here:  The complete results of their studies are available online.

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