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Junction City Nebraska. Giant Skull & Thigh Bone

A skull and thighbone found represent a human of gigantic stature. The skull is said to contain several small holes, it was surmised that this was the result of a shotgun. . . . I would suggest that the author may not have seen the skulls, and may be operating on a bad premise. Junction City

On large skulls of this type, skulls found up to 3200 cc’s found in Peru had small holes where blood vessels  formed small holes in the back of the skull to feed the skull blood. . . another possibility that when a skull does not develop these holes on their own, then surgery is performed and these holes may have been the result of trephination. Junction City

The excavation was done on the farm of John Noland, slightly NW of Junction City. While leveling a mound in his wheatfield Noland uncovered several human skulls and a lot of human bones and teeth. Junction City

Examination confirmed that the shape of the skull is not like an tribe known to exist in the area, and indeed they were not Indian. The tools and utensils were unlike any of the relics known of Indians to use. A strange brown substance was found in the cairn, but was not examined. Junction City

It was speculated that the facial characteristics were more caucasian however the old timers in the area had no knowledge of any white settlers being buried there. Junction City

~Chris L Lesley

Junction City dispatch to the Topeka State Journal

Nephilim Chronicles’ Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley pp289




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