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Jefferson County – Atzalan Princess

 Mound Builder Princess Was Once on Display

Aztalan princess burial on display at the Milwaukee Public Museum

The remains of what is believed to have been a princess of the ancient and mysterious Mound Builders were unearthed by Sam Barrett during excavations of Aztalan. She is one of only a few burials discovered in what was once a thriving Northern outpost for the Middle Mississippian people.

Unlike any other remains found in Wisconsin, these were adorned in shells from as far away as the Gulf of Mexico.

The princess of Aztalan was on display at the museum until 1973, when she was removed due to controversy over the disturbance of Native American burials.

A museum is located today in what was the old Aztalan Baptist Church. This is the front of the converted church which contains many artifacts found on the village site. Directly behind the Aztalan Museum is an earth mound
which originally was 47 feet in diameter and probably stood 6 feet above the surrounding area. As you can see the remains of this mound today are very small. Most of the earth was hauled away many years ago, presumably for
filling in around the church which was built in 1852. The site itself seems to be at a high point overlooking the Crawfish River. Today this mound of dirt is called the Princess Burial.
There are rumors of a giant skeleton unearthed in the area.

Headless Adult found outside the of Enclosure at Aztalan

It is unfortunate that the princess of Aztalan was removed from display due to controversy over the disturbance of Native American burials. It is important to handle such finds with respect and consideration, but it is also important to share these discoveries with the public and further research. Additionally, the rumors of a giant skeleton unearthed in the area cannot be ignored, and it is a shame that there may have been a cover-up or mishandling of such a significant find. It is important for researchers and institutions to prioritize transparency and honesty in their handling of archaeological discoveries, as it can greatly impact our understanding of history and human evolution. We must strive for a balance between preserving and respecting cultural heritage, and advancing scientific knowledge.

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