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Illustrating the size between ancient and modern man

An Eight foot Giant from South Africa ancient and modern man

The drawing shows the difference in size between a normal man of today and the primitive giant whose bone were found in South Africa. ancient and modern man

(Anyone know the source of this illustration please reply) ancient and modern man

the bones of an 8 foot prehistoric giant found near Pretoria in I think 1928-29.

The Ogden Standard Examiner March 17, 1929 Page. 23

The comparative height of an 8 ft giant found in South Africa near Pretoria in 1928-29. ~Rephaim23 ancient and modern man

 ~ One of my favorite search-sites only goes up to 1922, so 1929, what I need access to is missing. From what I read there is more information in this edition on giant humans and giant animals as well. I am curious as to why this was taken away. It seems sometimes that editions, and pages that I need are frequently missing or are dad scans, double prints etcetera. I did  a search and found it on a paid site, I believe this comes from page 32 and there is a lot more stpry that I would like to add to this post once I can access it. ancient and modern man

~ Chris L Lesley