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JI JIU U UNEARTHS GIANT SKELETON 1 i j f New Jersey Man Makes Kes Discovery Discover While Digging In Garden I Kearny X N J. J J. fhe The too skeleton of a aman aman man lUan six feet seven SC I Inches et tall was t du dug ip up here by Samuel Aspinwall I Aspinwall A IJ was digging In the garden tit lit the back ck of his bis house bouse at SO Duke Ouk 1 street Intending to transplant R a pencil peach tr tree lIe He found the bones of or a n mans man’s rl right ht arm an as soon won us lilt he be broke the ground round The entire skelton was burled bur burled bur bur- burla led la only a u foot and aud u n half hilf below belo the surface It 11 ryas was In good condition Aspinwall who has bas t lived Hied d on the Ihl rupert property for more than twenty five tUe years said that he be was sure lure the body budy had not been buried burled l In la his hili garden during dur dur- during ing hl his occupancy of or the premises premise A horseshoe heel plate was wind found near the tho skeleton Indicating to tu the polite pollee that the body may have been burled i fifty years ago when horseshoe b heel 1 plates were worn.

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