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Hudson County – Eight Feet High

Skeleton of an Indian Giant.

R. A. Bliven, grader, while grading yesterday near the house of Judge Garreston in Harsimus, dug up a human skeleton of an enormous size. It was found about nine feet underground, embedded in several bushels of exceedingly large oyster shells, much larger than any to be found in our waters at the present day. They are doubtless the remains of an Indian of immense stature, as from the appearance of the skeleton, he must, when living, have been over eight feet high. The skull measures fifteen inches from the root of the nose, over the top, to the base of the occipital bone, and is two feet in circumference; it contains a full set of excellent teeth (except one), very even, sound, and white. Mr. Bliven informs us that he has found a great number of skeletons in that vicinity, similarly buried (in a sitting posture), but none as large as this.

The discovery of an 8-foot human skeleton in Harsimus, New Jersey, is a rare and significant find. R. A. Bliven, a grader, uncovered the skeleton while grading near the house of Judge Garreston. The skeleton was embedded in several bushels of exceedingly large oyster shells, which suggests that it belonged to an Indian of immense stature. The skull alone measures two feet in circumference and contains a full set of excellent teeth.

This discovery provides invaluable insights into the ancient history of the region and the people who lived there. It is vital to preserve archaeological sites like this, as they hold precious information about the past. By studying the details of the skeleton, researchers can learn about the physical characteristics, health, and lifestyle of the people who lived in the area hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Mr. Bliven has found numerous skeletons in the vicinity, but none as large as this one. The fact that the skeleton was buried in a sitting posture adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the discovery. It is essential that such findings are handled with care and preserved for scientific research to enable us to understand more about the history of our planet and its inhabitants. The discovery of this skeleton is a fascinating and exciting addition to the field of archaeology and offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about the human past.

  1. New Jersey, Hudson County, 1850

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