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Hot and cold water, Rome

Rome had many marvelous advancements both private hot and cold water for the wealthy patrons and hot and cold water for everyday cistizens via bath houses.


Rome, They didn’t have piped water like we have. The aquaducts brought water into town and filled reservoirs. The reservoirs had three outlets. One outlet went to the public wells for the public to use. A second outlet went to the public fountains and bathhouses. The third outlet went to the houses of the rich.

Not just running water by wells and aquaducts, but, hot and cold running water, baths, fountains, and even flush toilets.

The Romans had some brilliant engineers. Some of their water systems still work today, and even bridges that they build are still up, and in use.

They did it using gravity, from sources higher up. They would build systems of aquaducts, ad pipes, etc. Large houses had a “hypocaust,” where water would be heated for bathing, and so on.


Apodyterium at Pompeii


Frigidarium at Pompeii



























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