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~Michael George Leahy,“I think the horses we have now are bigger than any of the fossil ancestors.”


~Chris L Lesley, “You would think so reading the government textbooks but the knowledge filter isn’t perfect.

“Equus Giganteus”(The Giant Horse) is the Greater Ancestor to the modern horses, of course it is not in the evolution charts.

Equus Giganteus is a giant horse, and is larger than the largest Cyldesdale.

It is said that it stands 10 feet tall.


Because everything in the past is microcephalus and not macrocephalus i have reason to believe that it may have been 13 feet tall.


There has been several teeth found. I have the most information on this subject of Equus Giganteus as it is well hidden.


Several teeth have been found in in Texas and Oklahoma, although when mentioned, (after deneying it) most academic-government-educators will tell you its from one tooth.

This is not true! I have images of several, as a matter of fact there is a giant donkey fossil as well, . . . . . dont laugh, . .

its called “Assinus Giganteus”, and there are giant zebras as well.

The entire taxonomical system has been interpreted in a way that puts “horse blinders” on the eyes of everyone.”

The horse evolution chart picks which one’s fits “Cope’s Law” and intentionally leaves out the giant horse.

by Greater Ancestors World Museum on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 8:44am