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Henderson County – 32′ Year 1107

32 Foot Giant with a 27 foot gun

In the year 1107 a mound was opened at Red Banks, just below Henderson, in which were found the skeletons of a giant and giantess. The former having been 32 feet 6 inches high, and the latter twenty-two feet five inches. Several guns were also exhumed, one of which supposed to have belonged to a giant was twenty-seven and a half feet long.
When the mastodon ranged the Western forests, one huge beast attempted to wade the St. Francis River in Arkansas, but mired and miserably perished. He stood there towering above the highest trees until his flesh decayed, standing a proud collossus like that of Apollo at Rhodes, so tall that steamboats could pass under the backbone, without lowering their smokestacks.
The skeleton was subsequently covered with Allavian, until it formed the first island in the St. Francis River, above its mouth. The air of sincerity with which these common-place incidents and legends were narrated and his perfect self-abuegation was well calculated to convince his auditors of their entire truthfulness. We have been promised other and far more remarkable incidents of his eventful life, some of which we are told, are well calculated to stagger belief, were they not related by Doctor Brown himself.

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