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Hawkins County – A Giant’s Trumpet


Relics of the Ancient* Which Set Scientists to Thinking—The Finds Thought to lie the Remains of Worshipers of Vishnu.

In the beginning of this century there was plowed up in Hawkins county a trumpet. It seems to have been made of hard soapstone, and when mown through makes a sound which may be heard two or three miles. It is very smooth on the outside, but rough within. This was probably used by the giants to convene assemblies, ami to regulate the movements of their army, on days of rejoicing to make a part” of the musical sounds with which the people were entertained. The trumpet was not in use till about

A. D. GUO. In the time of the Trojan war neither Greeks nor Trojans iiad flutes and pipes, and the Greek stentor, a man uf mighty voice, proclaimed orders to the army. In the year 514 H. C., when Darius, the Mode, crossed the Danube and invaded the Scythians he iiad no trumpet. When. Xerxes invaded Greece, -ITS 15. C v no trumpet was there used ; the signal for battle was given by torch-bearers. Soon after the invasion of Greece by the I’ersians the trumpet was used for many purposes. The Greeks probably learned it from the I’henieians. The dispersed Israelites of he Assyrian or Chaldean captivity imarted the knowledge of the trumpet and its uses to the people from whom it tame immediately to the American giants. From it we make the following deductions: (1) There were no large hollow horns in the country which could have been used for the same purpose, (2) If the makers of the trumpet, which no doubt were the giants, knew the use of metals, they did not have the time or material to form trumpets, as they had been engaged in a long and protracted war with the natives. (3) The monad builders did not make this trumpet, or they w r oulcl have made it wit li metal. Hence we arrive at a just conception of the martial music of the north invaders.​

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