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Harsimus County, New Jersey. Giant Skull

Remains of a Giant: A human skeleton of unusual size has been discovered in Harsimus county, N. J., buried in oyster shells of immense size. It was in a sitting posture when found and is doubtless the frame of an Indian of olden time. It must have been eight feet in height. The skull measures fifteen inches from the roof of the nose over the top of the base of the occipital bone and is two feet in circumference containing a full set of teeth, even, sound, and white.

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  2. Jeffersonian Republican. (Stroudsburg, Pa.) 1840-1853


A huge Indian Skeleton was lately dug up at Harsicus, N. J., among the oyster shell strata. It measured eight feet in length. The skull measured two feet in circumference, and 15 inches over the top.

Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.), 22 May 1850. Chronicling America:

An eight foot skeleton is actually quite common in ancient times which is exactly what I would expect from a devolutionary worldview. An eight foot  skeleton is far above normal which is 5’8″ today. Even amongst basketball players 8 foot is tall.

As far as a 24″ circumference 15″ is large, so this is unusual. When you start looking at the circumferences of Neanderthal you will find several that are 20″ so when averaging out the sizes you can see a declining trend. This is solid this is greater ancestry verified by fossil and historical records.

Chris L Lesley