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Hancock County – 100’s of Skeletons of Unusual Size


Indications of a Great Battle or Massacre Near the Sweeney Mounds. 

From the St. Louis Republic.

CARTHAGE, ILL., Sept. 6. – From the latest investigation made in the Sweeny mounds near this city, it is difficult to determine whether the field was hundreds of years ago the scene of a terrible battle or a cruel massacre. The first two investigations revealed only the skeletons of adult persons, as stated. Many of the skulls found contained ragged holes, indicating that either the owner met death in warfare from a bludgeon or battle-ax, or else the apertures were caused by decay. The former theory seems to be the more acceptable one. Yesterday’s investigations prove conclusively that if this was the scene of a prehistoric battle, those who became victims were not only warriors, but their women and children, for skeletons of both have been unearthed. The bones of infants were remarkably well preserved. In the two mounds opened first, the skeletons were of unusual size,…

  1. From the St. Louis Republic. Carthage Ill., Sept.6.
  2. Illinois, Hancock County, St. Louis Republic, Sept. 6, 1891. 

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