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Grave of a 7′ Giant Aleutian

The Aleutian Islands extend from Alaska across the Bering straight. One of the skeletons that was found was over 7 feet tall in life. Six skeletons were found on a low ridge overlooking the ocean, there were six total whose heads were to the center with their feet outward like group of warriors would do if expecting an attack, this helps to prevent an animal from carrying one of the warriors off, or from getting the throat slit by an enemy. Whichever, it is obvious that he was a warrior. Ivory ornaments and weapons made from polished slate were found with the skeletons.. The other five skeletons were female and of a goo height, these were all found during an excavation of a military base (U.P.) found by Major E. E. Chittenden of Kearney Nebraska. Giant Aleutian

~Chris L Lesley

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