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Gonzolas County Texas – Skeleton of a Giant


A Giant Skeleton.

If any credence can be given to
the Calvert Central Texan, people in that part of Texas are considerably exercised over the unearthing of the skeleton of a giant near Smiley’s Crossing, on the Brazos.
It says that the kneecap, under jaw or chin piece, and one tooth “were brought to town, and after aiamination were pronounced by some to
be those of a human being. The
tooth measured from nine to eleven inches in lengh and six inches across the surface, the enamel of the tooth being well preserved, and it having two roets, and all presenting the
appearance of a human molar tooth.
The kneecap and chin were only
partially preserved, and were in the possession of some gentlemen who
intend taking them to Alabama.
The kneecap could hardly be forced l.wm MvnAf sar1r TAt p clcplo- miAS Mhig ton measures fifteen feet from the knee joint to the tip of the should
ers “It. is almost.” adds the cau tious chronicler, “if not quite un-
a a . . 1 t .1 reasonable to suppose inis 10 oe me remains of a human beincTi but we do not undertake to say it is not.

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