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Gigantic Jawbones from the Channel Islands

Two very different races waged war on the Channel Islands. One was a race of giants whose jawbones were so large they could slip over a full-grown man’s head. One of the skeletons was of a gigantic individual in which a long bone spear point was sticking out of his leg bone. His skull was shattered by a large round stone used as a war-weapon. A spear had passed through his heart dealing a death blow, it was thrown so hard it pierced through his shoulder blade. This account comes from a Mr. Long-fellow says the San Fransisco Chronicle.

The archeological establishment found a treasure trove of artifacts: skeletons (9 entire while hundreds had been burned), 87 skulls, weapons and instruments, there were ornaments and jewelry made of shell and stone on San Nicholas Island which is about 65 miles on and island off the coast of Santa Barbara, California.

~Chris L Lesley

The Channel Islands Were Once Populated by California Native Americans Who Were A Maritime People.

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Bones of a Giant Race on San Nicolas Islands

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