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Giant’s Tools From Morocco

In 1950 Dr Louis Burkhalter, former French delegate to the Prehistoric Society, wrote in the Revue du Musee de Beyrouth: “I want to make it clear that the existence of gigantic men in the Acheulian age [ie between about 75,000 and 150,000 years ago] must be considered a scientifically proven fact.”

In his paper, “A Report On Gigantic Implements Found In South Morocco”, Dr Burkhalter refers to ‘gigantic’ stone tools unearthed at Sasnych [Syria], located five miles from Safitah in the alluvial ground of Nohr Abrach. These included bifaces of ‘abnormal’ dimensions weighing 2.5kg to 3.5kg. These finds were followed by similar discoveries made by Captain R Lafanechere in south Morocco – biface tools of Acueulean manufacture weighing 4.150kg, while one specimen was over 8kg.

At Agadir in Morocco, reports Peter Kolosimo, the French Captain Lafanechere “discovered a complete arsenal of hunting weapons including five hundred double-edged axes weighing seventeen and a half pounds, which were twenty times as heavy as would be convenient for modern man. To handle the axe at all one would need to have hands of a size appropriate to a giant with a stature of at least 13 feet.”

..original source; Peter Kolosimo, Timeless Earth (New Hyde Park, NY: University Books, 1968), p. 32.