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Giant’s Graves in California

Giant’s Graves in California

New Race of Men Dug Up, With Stone Implements Unlike Any Others

“Some of the skeletons are those of men measuring no less than 7 feet and perhaps more. Femur bones already sent to the University measure 21 inches in length.”

“The skeletons represent a most astonishing race of people, who probably inhabited this country thousands of years ago,” said Mr. Steinberger. “Some of the skulls are large, with, high forheads and well-rounded, while others are ape-like, retreating from an inch above the frontal bone, with the top of the head flat and with but small space for brain activity.

I like the fact that there are measurements recorded in this brief article on the measurements of a large bone. This is the most solid type of evidence, what is not solid is the interpretations of them being apelike, it is quite possible that the brow was so large that it extended into the forehead region, or that this was a neanderthal type skull in which the skull extends backward but is overall more spacious in cubic capacity.

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~Chris L Lesley

If you were to start digging up graves, you would need to dig up 2 million 300,000 before you would find a 7 foot skeleton. Not if you were to dig up a burial mound, 7 footers are quite common in burial mounds.

People usually have two misconceptions about 7 footers and often wonder why a 7 footer would be considered a giant. In the NBA during the 2013-14 year there was only one person 7’3 and no-one played taller than that. We automatically think basketball players are at least 7 foot, not the case. 7 footers are more common in the past than they are in the present. That is why we include 7 footers in Giant research.

~Chris L Lesley