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Giants are facts

Men of Science Now Make Ancient Legends Come True; Giants and Unicorns are ‘facts’. Giants are facts Giants are facts

During the past 20 years or so. scientists have developed a habit of making the old fairy tales come true. Thus, the airplane has taken the place of the dying carpet; the motor car travels even faster than the seven league boots; and not so long age, a zoologists produced a powerful bull that had only one horn, right in the middle of his forehead-a unicorn! Giants are facts

And now some anthropologists- man who study man’s past history from his skeletons and other remains-have proved that giants really lived long ago. From remains uncovered while they were exploring in Southern China and Java, scientists of the New York Museum of Natural History claim that in those countries, men once lived who averaged from seven to nine feet high and weighed as much as 600 pounds.

The teeth of these men were six times the size of ours. They were almost unbreakable tools with which the giants could gnaw off tree limbs for use as clubs, and perform other such cutting operations. The giants themselves were as powerful that when they went hunting, tey swung clubs big enough to crush bears and tigers.

Giants are facts