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Giant Skeletons at New York State

A giant skeleton was fished from a pond where a trench mound existed nearby.

In Saint Lawrence County, New York close to an ancient fort lie the town of McComb. Here three trenched enclosures, which also could be reconciled to be mass graves filled with the bodies from a great war.

No traces of these exist, they have been completely torn down, orchards were planted in their stead. These ancient structures: the mounds, and hearths are long gone. Only the remnants of ash are a reminder they existed. One such locations was owned by William Houghton on his farm, which was told to be a semi circle that area became a mill yard. The semi circle is said to have enclosed half an acre. Nearby on the next hill was another ancient structure, it is gone today.

Beside the hill is the pond to which the skeleton was said to be found.

~Chris L Lesley

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Giant Skeletons Found Near Ancient Fort at St. Lawrence County, New York
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