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Giant Shoeprint Trail

Giant Shoeprint Trail

“Found this fossil impression of what appears to be a set of tracks or boot prints in stone in a small cove in Prince William Sound Alaska.
Right-then-a-left, then-a-right, then-a-left, then-a-right this series of humanoid footprints will not be accepted by the academic community, these government-endorsed-pantheists have biased preconceived notions in place. The search for evidence is lost, and it is replaced by speculative models which happens to be a model contrary to the evidence.

I think a shoe trail is powerful confirmation that mankind lived in the not-so-distant past, and the evolutionary timeline is exaggerated to nonsensical proportions. Follow the evidence and not the models and charts in academia and the evidence will lead you to a young Earth designed through the solid mechanism of technology and design, following a devolutionary process of change, and witnessing greater ancestry for all creatures and confirming this with every example.

Chris L Lesley

Uploaded by on May 26, 2011

Current update: Several attempts have been made to replicate the best example in this shoeprint trail. The Skipper has made several trips there and i have sent materials again and again. This is a very difficult situation as the trail is so remote and it spends part of the time underwater. As funding ran out we were no longer able to make more attempts, if you would like to help you can donate money through the donate button on the homepage of this website.

thank you ~Chris L Lesley