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Giant Sandals from Lovelock

15″ Sandals from Lovelock, Nevada

of weaving may be seen in several sandals in the museum’s exhibit. One is over 15 inches long, substantiating the myths handed down in the Piute tribe that these people were “giants.” A jaw bone, twice the size of modern man’s. and skeletons recovered measured six to nine feet, give definite confirmation of the “giant” stories.

Shoes worn by prehistoric settlers of what is now Nevada are pictured at the Nevada Historical Society museum in Reno where they are on display. They are made of bark, and the mans shoe is 15 inches long. The smaller shoes, presumable women’s footwear measure seven inches across at the toe. If the early arrivals were as big as their shoes indicate, they must have been a race of giants. (Journal Photo.) Sunday August 3, 1952


by rephaim23

Giant Human Skeletons reported from North America and Europe


In many instances, being a museum owner and theme park artist, i can replicate almost anything for a display. This is outside my area of knowledge. It would be great if someone who had the skill to replicate these giant shoes to size and donate them to the museum. I would fully credit someone if they would like to take on such an arduous task, and would be greatly appreciative.

~Chris L Lesley